Please read through the following reservation policy to make your booking.

    1. Deposit amounts

    2. Reservation Requirements

    3. Deposit sending methods

    4. Final payments

    5. Tour information briefing

    6. General terms and conditions


    1. Deposit amounts: keep in mind

    Classic Inca Trail reservations: US$250 deposit per person


    All other Machu Picchu tours: US$150 deposit per person


    Any other Peru tours: it has to be 50% deposit per person to the total amount


    Package tour throughout Perú: it has to be 50% deposit per person to the total amount


    2. Reservation requirements:

    In order to complete your Machu Picchu, Classic Inca Trail, tours in Peru and Package throughout Peru reservation we will need the following:


    a) Complete deposit sent by client and received by Pumas Adventures






    b) Correct client details + scans of valid ISIC cards (when is applicable)


    - TOUR TYPE (Inca Trail, Machu Picchu by Train, Package Tour throughout Perú)


    - DETAILS REGARDING EXTRA RESERVATIONS (Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu Mountain, etc)

    - FULL NAME (as written on passport)



    - AGE


    - ISIC CARD SCAN/DIGITAL PHOTO (if applicable - note that fake ISIC cards will result in a 100% loss of tour)

    - PASSPORT SCAN (for Inca Trail bookings only)



    Extra information:

    - We must receive the full deposit in order to confirm your tour, incomplete deposits will result in the tour not being confirmed.

    - Tours will only be confirmed after the deposit has been RECEIVED by Pumas Adventures – waiting time can be 1 or more business days and up to 2 weeks depending on deposit method.

    - Any mistakes in client details may result in losing the tour (especially in the case of the Inca Trail) – double check all your personal details etc.

    - Once a tour has been confirmed changes to the tour date or passenger details may result in the loss of some or all of the deposit.

    - If deposits or full client details do not arrive in time to confirm your tour Paxi Travel will refund the full deposit (either in person in the Pumas Adventures office, or via Western Union – all charges from Western Union will be deducted from the deposit).


    3. Deposit sending methods

    You may choose one of the following three options to send your deposit. If you are sending a deposit for multiple people you can do so as one or several orders. Any documentation from the transfer should be scanned and sent to Pumas Adventures to help speed up the process.




    We can accept most credit / debit cards via PayPal, VISA MASTER CARD AMERICA EXPRESS through online payment. Please note that there is an additional 6% service charge for payments realized with credit / debit cards.


    Extra information:

    - If you would like to do your deposit by Paypal Please note that there is an additional 6% service charge for payments realized with credit / debit cards.(example: for a US$100 deposit we will charge US$108, etc).

    - Once we receive this information from you for your Paypal payment send us your paypal response

    - After making the transaction we will send you email confirmation for the deposit amount

    - Tours will not be confirmed until the deposit has been confirmed to us by Paypal.


    B) BY WESTERN UNION (online www.westernunion.com or at a Western Union location)

     International money orders should be sent to our General Manager, at our main office in Cusco, ask for details


    Upon sending the deposit we will need the MTCN number from the Western Union deposit so that we can pick it up here in Cusco. A digital copy of the Western Union receipt is also an asset for a faster confirmation.


    Extra information:

    - The name “MANAGER´S NAME” must be written exactly correctly on the Western Union order form or it will not be deposited to us. Some Western Unions will ask only for the name so please be exact with spelling.

    - When paying in cash at a Western Union location this method usually takes 1-2 business days but can take longer during holidays and weekends. When paying online with a credit card via the webpage this method can take extra days while Western Union confirms the amount with your bank.

    - In Western Union please specify you would like the transfer to be same-day if it is urgent; delays in deposit may result in the loss of your space on the tour (especially for Inca Trail bookings).

    - Paxi Travel has the right to wait to confirm the tour until the deposit has been confirmed and received in Cusco.

    - For international deposits Western Union is the safest and quickest deposit method. You can find information about Western Union locations or pay online (from some countries) from the webpage: www.westernunion.com

    - At some Western Union locations only the name of beneficiary is required rather than the full information

    - Be sure to check that the name of the beneficiary is spelt correctly as we will be unable to pick up the deposit or confirm the tour if there are any mistakes in the spelling of the beneficiary’s name. We will not be held responsible for delays in tour confirmations due to misspellings in beneficiary’s name.

    - Tours will not be confirmed until we have been able to pick up the deposit – having sent the deposit does not mean that your tour is confirmed; nothing is confirmed until the deposit has been picked up and you have received a confirmation email for the tour and deposit.

    - All charges from Western Union must be assumed by the client at the time of sending the deposit.


    C) AS A DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT (from INSIDE Peru only): Ask for details


    *After making the deposit we will need a digital copy of the bank receipt.


    Extra information:

    - This method normally takes 1 business day in Peru (may take longer over weekends and holidays)

    - Ask in the bank to pay for all commissions on your end so that we do not have to charge you for it afterwards.


    4. Final payments

    a) Once deposits have been received by Paxi Travel and the tour has been confirmed the client will receive an email confirming the tour, departure date, deposit received, tour briefing time and the final amount owing.

    b) Final payments must be paid minimum 2 (two) days in advance in the Paxi Travel office

    c) If clients cannot pay the final amount for the tour two days in advance they must inform Paxi Travel (via email) of their arrival time to pay the final amount. If the client does not inform Paxi Travel they will pay their final amount after the payment deadline they risk losing their deposit and tour.

    d) If clients inform Paxi Travel they will pay late but do not arrive in time to pay during office hours they must arrange to pay the full amount via Western Union or a bank transfer minimum 5 days before the tour departure date.

    e) Failure to pay the final amount for the tour will result in a loss of 100% of the deposit as well as the tour.

    f) Paxi Travel accepts American Dollars (in good condition only with no rips or stains) and Peruvian Nuevo Soles for final payments. Visa is also accepted in the office with an 8% surcharge for all Visa payments.

    g) Paying with fake money is illegal and fake bills will be destroyed if received. Be careful with your cash in Peru as there are many fake bills in both American Dollars and Peruvian Nuevo Soles.


    5. Tour information briefings

    a) All Machu Picchu tours have information briefings the evening before the tour departure date in your Hotel

    b) Tour briefings are not optional as they include important information for the client including details about pickup time, necessary equipment for the tour, etc.

    c) If clients should miss their tour briefing Paxi Travel will not be held responsible for misinformation regarding their tour including details regarding pickup time, necessary equipment, etc.

    d) Clients will be informed of the time of their tour briefing in the confirmation email which will be sent after the deposit has been received.

    e) Any changes to briefing time will be confirmed via email OR at the time of making the final payment.

    f) Last minute final payments (if requested by client and confirmed by Paxi Travel) will only be accepted before the briefing time.


    6. General tour terms and conditions

    a) A client cannot depart on a tour if any balance still owes from the final amount.

    b) Paxi Travel will not give any refund if a cancelation or change is made after a trip has departed or outside office hours.

    c) Any alterations must be made during office hours and organized by a Paxi Travel staff member.

    d) Train times are subject to change depending on availability. Peru Rail or Inca Rail may change their train schedules or cancel trains at the last minute without previous notice – Paxi Travel will not be held responsible for these changes as it is out of our control.

    e) Train tickets are not refundable but can be changed (with a fee) with sufficient notice.

    f) Machu Picchu entry tickets are non-refundable. Any change in tour date will result in a 100% loss of the cost of the tickets (approx. US$47 per person – US$57 with Huayna Picchu).

    g) Inca Trail entry tickets are non-refundable. Change in tour date after a deposit has been paid will result in a 100% loss in tour deposit (US$200 per person).

    h) Pumas Adventures will not be held responsible nor give refunds for events out of its control such as (but not limited to): natural disasters, road strikes, flight cancelations, train cancelations, illness and/or injury.

    i) Clients must be in a suitable state to do a tour activity and may be denied access to a tour if the agency or guide finds clients in an inebriated state.

    j) All Machu Picchu tours are non-refundable.

    k) If you purchase your Machu Picchu tour with a fake ISIC card you will be denied entry to Machu Picchu. In the case of the Inca Trail you will not be allowed into the trail and will have to return to Cusco with no refund for the tour or your transport back to the city. Fake ISIC cards have serious consequences – don’t take the risk!






Machu Picchu full day

Machu Picchu 2 days

Wonderful Cusco 7 days


Salkantay 5 days

Salkantay 4 days

Inca Jungle 4 days

Lares Trek 4 days

Choquequirao 4 days

Ausangate Trek 5 days

Huchuy Qosqo 3 days


Inca Trail 4 days

Inca Trail 2 days

Inca Trail 5 days


Sillustani half day

Uros Island half day

Uros and Taquile full day

Uros Taquile and Amantani 2 days


Colca Canyon 2 days

Colca Canyon Trek 2 days

Colca Canyon Trek 3 days


City tour

City Night



Paracas National reserve full day

Huacachica - Sandboarding full day

Paracas - Ica and Nazca 2 days


Ecomagic 3 days

Ecoadventure 4 days

Ecoparadise 5 days


Manu Cultural Zone 4 days


Calle San Juan 264-near to Main Square,Cusco- Peru